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PuertoAzul, new time-sharing's offer

Count down for the first eight-star resort in the world. Here the new formula of time-sharing. Giannini, the creator of the project, issues a warning: this is something different from the traditional timeshare, known as multiproprietà

Everything is ready for the first eight-star resort in the world. It's the PuertoAzul complex, neither a resort nor a tourist village but a true citadel of luxury, located in the Northern Caye and Sandbore Caye islands in the Lighthouse Atoll, 43 miles from Belize City; it covers an area of 1,040 acres. “The inauguration will take place during Christmas”.
One of the characteristics for this resort is that it will be sold through the new “time-sharing” formula, “which should not be confused with the traditional italian formula usually called as multiproprietà (timeshare, ndr) - explained Domenico Giannini, the creator of this great project - The inauguration will take place during the Christmas period”.

Mr. Giannini, which is the trend of time-sharing over the past 5-10 years?
This new formula of time-sharing seems to be a growing trend. Since a few years, some major hotels brands in the world started selling some suites prestige in time-sharing; according to some unofficial figures, this trend is growing by 20% yearly.

Among our readers there is often confusion between the usual timeshare, known as multiproprietà, and your "time-sharing" offer; could you please explain what exactly is about "your time-sharing offer" and the main differences from the traditional one?
The confusion grow out of the fact that people exchanges our time sharing offer (enjoyment of a period of living without additional costs) to timeshare, that is full of costs such as maintenance expenses, shared expenses and taxes; more, the traditional formula hides problems which emerge only when the owner decides to sell it.
But there are other differences, we want to underline. Just because this time-sharing offer is often confused for timeshare: usually you think that because you’ve bought a holiday period, you are forced to go there only in those days already bought and fixed. With us, this is different. Our customers can buy a package of 7, 14 or 21 days, which can be spent at their own best convenience between March and October - if they choose the so called “Period mix”, or from November to February if they choose the “high season” period. They have only to inform PuertoAzul at least 90 days before the choosen date.

But what happens in the event that a customer can not go on vacation?

First of all, let me say that it's difficult that our client can't come on holiday in PuertoAzul, because one of the key features that distinguishes our from the others is that we give to our customers the freedom to choose the time when they can came in our resort. But, if the customer could not come on holiday, or could come only for few days, then we will recognize him a daily allowance for each day of vacation not enjoyed, according to the solution chosen.

How much does it costs your time-sharing agreement? More, travel expenses are directly charged to customers?

In our proposed formula there aren't additional costs, neither for the opening of the dossier or practice, nor for any services used by the user in our resort, despite being a luxury resort. The client pays only the costs - like fuel consumption and food - at cost price of the resort (trade price) because our client is not just a customer, but a member of the Puerto Azul Vacation Club. Through this association, created under Swiss law, he receive a card. Thanks to this card he will benefit of exclusive services depending on the vacation chosen; for example: boats of different sizes, from 1 to 8 service people, a seaplane, a submarine, free use of the Spa, free concerts, and more.
PuertoAzul offer ranges from 80 m2 suites (from $ 60,000), to 2,100 m2 water villas ($ 3.5 million) equipped with under water bedrooms. Our resort has a private airport and if the user does not have a private plane, he can use a scheduled flight to Belize City and then he can benefit for a free travel to our island through our air or naval fleet. Everybody can reach Belize City from anywhere in the world, with a stopover in Usa - Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston or Charlotte. The cost of a round-trip from Milan could be around 1,800 € A/R, but these figures are subject to availability and seasonality. In the future we will launch our own air carrier, at the moment we’ll take care of the reservations on behalf of our clients.

About the customers, how is you target?

We have more than 60 clients, but we started this business only few months ago. We plan to reach by the end of this year our goal of 300 customers. Our “residence” offer is limited to 5% of the total offer of the resort; the remaining 95% is destined to luxury hotel.

How should a customer interested in your time-sharing offer do to sign a contract with you?

First, he must be a member of the club. A customer interested in our time-sharing offer have to get in touch with one of our consultants, by using the contact details in our website. After the presentation at the Cannes Film Festival, last year, with the presence of our Ambassadors John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Andrea Bocelli, as well as Oscar-winning Adrien Brody and other Hollywood stars, we have been continuously receiving requests for purchase and for further informations on terms and conditions about our offer.