Cbs Associati is an independent publishing company specialising in on-line information tailored for the financial and investment community.

The competence and experience of our journalists set us apart from the on-line competition for the high quality of our product. The rigour and authority of our reports has made us a valuable reference point for industry professionals, while our editing style, crisp and accessible, also endears us to the wider public.

This is thanks to the “educational” approach that is firmly at the core of our publishing strategy, borne from the idea of bringing the issues of money and finance within everybody’s grasp, and spurred by the belief that everybody has the right – as well as the duty one might say– to look after one’s savings and financial affairs in an informed manner.

Through years of experience, Cbs has developed and perfected a unique cooperation arrangement with its commercial partners: we offer reserved self-directed areas within our newspapers where our clients, with our assistance and expertise, can engage directly with their current and potential customers.

Our client base includes a wide range of primary institutional clients, ranging from banks, brokerage houses, asset managers, insurance companies and pension funds. Our product offering includes also editorial services and projects in the areas of financial information and education.