Bbc Earth Puts Nature On The Stock Exchange


Every year bees contribute over £106.2 billion to the global economy; coral over £6.1 trillion; plankton over £138.7 billion and beavers almost £500 million These figures were released yesterday by BBC Earth in a pilot model for an Earth Index that demonstrates the financial contribution that nature makes to the… Read More »

US firms are rushing to the EUR corporate bond market


Reverse Yankees, i.e., bonds issued by US entities in currencies other than USD, have become an integral part of the global investment grade (IG) corporate bond universe For treasurers of US companies the issuance of EUR-denominated Reverse Yankees offers several advantages: In case a US firm reporting its results in… Read More »

Great Bond Market Expectations


The Fed has been procrastinating with raising interest rates in the hope that financial markets will price in the upcoming increases in the cost of money Near-zero interest rates and lots of liquidity thanks to QE have been the tools with which the Fed worked to bring the economy out… Read More »

Institutional investors seen flocking to multi-asset funds in the search for yield

Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen -

65 per cent of investors expect multi-asset fund exposure to grow in the next three years Nearly two thirds (65%) of institutional investors believe that their peers’ exposure to multi-asset funds will increase over the next three years as the search for value and yield intensifies*. NN Investment Partners’ survey… Read More »

Spreads Wider, Sentiment Poor – do we buy?


The data still tells us that the US economy is strong and that Europe is on a firming trend. Yet sentiment has collapsed. We hear talk of global recession and rising defaults. The bond market is seeing wider bid-offer spreads and poor liquidity. It is true there has been a… Read More »

ETF of ETFs, benefits of a diversified portfolio


A ETF Portfolio allows clients to delegate the asset allocation to professional investment committee at highly competitive costs The main industry trends explains by Giangrande from Deutsche AWM In Italy more and more investors focus on passive investments such as ETFs. Furthermore, a lot of the Italian investors show an… Read More »

Transparency and Access (to Valuable Information)


The biggest winner coming out of the financial crisis was “transparency”. After all the scandals and devastating losses that occurred during this time, investors became disenchanted with the lack of transparency in their investments. In some investment structures (which still exist today), investors may not know how their money is… Read More »

It’s time for convertible bonds


Global stock markets were put to the test in August, recording their largest monthly dip in over three years amid rising concern over China, uncertainty over Fed’s upcoming interest rate action and the general lack of liquidity in the summer season If global convertible bonds were not spared by the… Read More »

Global growth risks stays Fed’s hand


The Federal Reserve refrained from raising rates last week, citing the rising risks around global growth. The US central bank appears to be outward looking compared to the last time it considered raising rates, a generation (9 years) ago Investors turn to gold in times of uncertainty. Ahead of the… Read More »

Fed Postpones Interest Rate Hike: How to Position Portfolios


The Federal Reserve (Fed) has extended its “zero interest rate policy,” keeping rates at historically low levels as it assesses how slowing growth in China and a stronger US dollar may impact inflation and the pace of the US economic recovery Despite market volatility and worries over China, recent US… Read More »